Big Bang Board Games (Anglais) (boîte): 24,95 Euro


Configuration requise :

  • Mac OS X 10.3
  • 400MHz G3
  • 256MO espace disque
  • 256MO RAM

Ne fonctionne pas sous 10.7, 10.8 ou ultérieur

Big Bang Board Games (Anglais)

7 jeux: Echecs-Backgammon-Reversi-Dames-Puissance 4-Mancala-Morpion

It's Sun vs. Moon in these innovative takes on seven classic games. Play Checkers, Chess, Reversi, Mancala, Backgammon, 4-in-a-Row and Tic-Tac-Toe against animated computer opponents, via email with friends, or online with opponents from around the world!

Big Bang Board Games are the start of a whole new universe of casual gaming. Visually stunning, the games not only play nice with Mac OS X programs like iTunes, Apple Mail, iChat and iSight, but incorporate them into game play to make the games as cool as the Mac itself.

Fonctionnalités :

Built to work seamlessly with Mac OS X, these games talk to your "iApps" to give you the coolest computer board game experience ever!
  • iTunes - Play and manage your iTunes songs within the games.
  • Mail & Address Book - The games talk to your Mac's email program, making it simple to send game turns to friends.
  • iChat - Your Buddy List appears within the game, so it's easy to invite a Buddy to a match.
  • iSight - Share pictures with your buddies from within the game!
  • GameSmith - Meet other players and go head to head via the free GameSmith matching service.


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