What's new in Version 3.0?

New Features, Improvements and Bugfixes in Version 3

Encouraged by feedback from 1,000's of players and the press alike we've decided to improve the game with loads of features. New ghost "Berserker", exploding items, chain reactions and tons of other features, improvements and bugfixes.

New Features

  • New ghost type "Berserker" adds a new enemy with challenging skills.
  • Exploding items like TVs and other devices add a new strategic element when it comes to hunting ghosts.
  • Potential explosive chain reactions can cause players to rethink their strategies.
  • Expanded "dripping" feature for champions of first two phases. This allows them to make the floor wet and hunters can slip and are slower therefore.
  • In-Game smartphone includes a mute button.
  • Added screen resolution adjustments to the options menu.
  • Partial healing available in hospital to manage costs.
  • Gas station does not force player to a full refill.
  • Optimized Windows Mode.
  • Tutorial mission can be skipped now.


  • Smartphone automatically closes when new mission starts.
  • Removed auto pause at midnight (game time).
  • In-game clock keeps speed when players start driving and doesn't automatically revert to normal speed.
  • Some GUI improvements.
  • HQ Radio smaller to save screen space.
  • Major rework of equipment shop interface.
  • Improved equipment screen on in-game smartphone.
  • Debuff and panic visualized in hunter portraits.
  • Clearer graphics for menu buttons.
  • Improved over all performance.


  • Changes in game balancing
  • Spawn factor for Liches reduced.
  • Ghosts are less likely to become Champions.
  • Reduced spawns of Pest/Swarmling, but strengths of ghosts increased.
  • Higher cost for expansion room.
  • Changes for achievements.
  • Weakened competition.
  • More money at start of a game.
  • Reduced maximum ghost number at start of mission four.


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