SpamSieve (Box): 26,99 Euro


Configuration requise :

  • 1GHz Intel Mac Core Solo
  • 16MO espace disque
  • 128MO RAM
  • Apple Mail from macOS 10.13 and later (including macOS 13 Ventura).
  • Airmail 1.3.1 (223) and later. Versions 3.6.3 through 3.6.41 are not compatible with SpamSieve on macOS 10.14, but version 3.6.42 and later are.
  • GyazMail 1.2.0 (1.5.8 or later recommended).
  • MailMate 1.1.2 and later from Freron Software.
  • Mailsmith 2.3.1 and later from Stickshift Software. (By applying a workaround you can use SpamSieve with Mailsmith 2.1.5.)
  • Outlook from Microsoft Office 2011 (14.x) and later, including Outlook 15.x and 16.x from Office 365. Outlook needs to be running with “New Outlook” turned off, which it does not allow when running in free mode. Outlook Live and other browser-based mail are not supported, except via the Mac clients listed here.
  • Postbox 2.0 through 5.x from Postbox, Inc. Postbox 6 and 7 are not currently compatible. Postbox Express and the (discontinued) Mac App Store version of Postbox are not compatible.
  • PowerMail 4.0 and later (6.x recommended) from CTM Development. PowerMail only supports SpamSieve with POP accounts.


"SpamSieve is just incredibly, amazingly accurate; my In box is clean, baby, clean!"
- David Pogue (New York Times)

"Best email spam filter for the Mac, period."
- John Gruber (Daring Fireball)


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